Tuesday, July 15, 2014


YES! Official release of my new album: Lucent Echoes. You can get it where you buy and listen to music. iTunes, Spotify etc. Some notes from the album: The 3 first songs on this album I think is the most hit alert friendly: 37 Chill, Espresso (Reach no 6 at ambient chart on Soundclick.com) Oslo (a noisy tune, but cool) The more artistic stuff in chill/ambient coming up: Leisure, Night wish, Rem, Hypnotized, Skorvefjellet (Inspired by the mountains I can see from Flatdal) and the title track: Lucent echoes. The 2 last songs are teckno influenced: Burning planet and After midnight. Turn up loud!!! They are awesome! Been working on this album day and night since february. Most of the material is composed in Flatdal, Telemark, Norway. And as always my producer Tore Stabell Kulø make it sounds great in the mix. I was really trying to do this as an ambient/chill album. It´s there, with some hard stuff too. I couldn`t do this album without. I think I got my own sound on it, and I am inspired by Vangelis and Berlin school style. Other artists that I find inspiration with: William Orbit, Schiller, Michael Cretu and especially Jerome Froese. (Ex TD artist)His soloalbums I think is the most amazing albums ever! As always I am an arrangement nihilist, and Tore SK know where I want to go with that. I couldn´t have done this album without his help. Thx. I am proud to have reach this point after only 4 years in making music. I also know it would take time to reach my audience for my music. The music world is so big and fantastic, so I am patient. But I do hope within 3 to 5 years from now, something good will happen. (Earn some money on my music ??? perhaps...) I also know that my future records will be better and better. Because I learn. Because I will be a better musician. And because I finally find my meaning in life: Making music! About time. So join the journey and follow me for example at my facebook account. Hope you will enjoy "Lucent echoes". And please share!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hit alert: "Espresso" at no 11 on ambient chart!

Wow! This is cool. Today my song "Espresso" reached at No 11 on soundclick ambient chart! It reach No 38 in "all electronics". This song is made for my new album "Lucent Echoes" Working hard these days to do mix and mastering with producer Tore Stabell Kulø. 

About "Espresso": A very chill uptempo tune with Frode Holstad on guitar. I think were gonna collaborate more in the future. He put some great guitars on "Espresso" last week. And now it is on the charts!  I have to finish up the album now, even if it is quite good weather outside. This album will be a summer album!  

Pictures of Frode takin at T-swing studio while recording.

Link to Soundclick also here.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some days at Flatdal again. Making music.

Report from Flatdal. (In Norwegian) Mens alle mine fotovenner var i Kristiansund på fotofestival, tok jeg turen til Flatdal med medbrakt musikkstudio. Et valg jeg ikke angrer på. Jobber med å få ferdig en plate før sommeren. Denne gangen et rolig chill album. Musikken skiller seg ut fra Elrox arbeidet, så det er et prosjekt som blir hetendes "Lucent Echoes". Takket være disse dagene i Flatdal er jeg straks i mål. Mye fin episk elektronika. Kan også skryte av at en av låtene til dette prosjektet gikk inn på ambient-hitlisten hos Soundclick som nr. 17. (Nr 86 på "all electronics") Dette er mye av grunnen til at jeg også vil ha ferdig dette albumet. Vedlegger noen bilder fra Flatdal. Kommer også til å legge ut en gratis download fra turen, så fort den er mixet og mastret. 

Been almost one week at my favourit spot in Flatdal. Making music for my new album. Turned out to be some good stuff. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No 17 at ambient chart!

Yes it´s true. And even more: No 86 at electronica chart! (All electronic genres)
This was I milestone for me. All this happens on Soundclick.com

It is my not released yet, ambient project: Lucent Echoes.

I should have told about this earlier, but some secrets I like to keep before they are realized. Lucent Echoes is a such one. I been working on material for this project since new year. All besides new stuff to Elrox. I was trying out some stuff on soundclick and: KABOOOM! At charge!!! How cool is that?

So I will try to finish up Lucent Echoes album before summer. Going to my favorite spot in Flatdal next week. Bring my music studio with me.

Follow me on twitter, and I let you know what´s up then.

Meanwhile I think you should listen to my ambient hit here:

The song track is named: "37 chill"

Here the interview from the site:

Working on my first ambient/chill album. To be released this summer I hope. (2014)
Why this name?
It was the words. I like Lucent and its meaning. We dont have an explanation for it in Norway, where i come from. Echoes is mostly because of the sound i am doing sort of... And of course Pink Floyd album title. Together the words are perfect.
Do you play live?
Don´t played live yet. But working on it. I really like to transform my music to stage.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It does. Nothing is the same as I was used too. (Remember I have lived and experienced the 80`s)
Record companys, stores everything. I do not like it, but it is the future. And I am on it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes of course. There are something about knowledge and contacts that still is important.
Band History:
Lucent Echoes is actually a project beside my artist name Elrox. I didn´t make music before 2010 at all. I was a listener. And buyer. Still am. Lucent Echoes was the way I wanted it to be from the beginning back then. But so much to learn. So much to understand. Getting there now.
Your influences?
what a question. With my background it is everything from Yes, Alan Parsons (project) to Berlin school/chill/ambient. But also House, Trip Hop etc.
Favorite spot?
Still don`t been to USA, so I think it must be there somewhere....
Equipment used:
Using Mac with software as Omnisphere etc. Also like to play on my Epiphone guitar.
Anything else...?
Follow my story from now. This is just the beginning.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Music, music, music

It´s all about music. The last 6 months I´ve been working on new material. Problem is to be true to a specific genre. But Elrox locomotive is going on. Here is some pictures from a session we did last week. Jonas Lange from the band "Skoklefall Kartell" playing awesome guitar on a new track. Track name is "Bad Loser". The other picture is from my producer Tore Stabell Kulø. Always there when it happens. We where at my home-studio to do this.

In a few weeks I probably go to my favorite composer place in Flatdal, Telemark. Looking forward to this. I also can now announce that the first album to be finished is more of an ambient, chill type. Since it sounds different from other stuff I made, I have found a new name from this project: "Lucent Echoes".
You can actually find some of the songs, unmixed, umastered here at this link. I will do my best to finish this up before july.

Even thinking about lot more music videos. The spring is so fantastic outside.
Follow me on my Facebook fansite here: Facebook.com/elrox

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Elrox: Memories (Official music video)

Memories from my album "Colour of the past. Music video made by Helene Fjell.

Music report

Hello. Should have been more active on my blog, but you know...  I am doing music, and that is a kind of lonely process. No moneywork for a long time. I should be nervous about that, but it give me time to do music. I been working on new material the last month. Some teckno, some pop music, and some "don`t know what." Especially the teckno stuff sounds really good. Maybe an EP before the summer. Otherwise I keep focus on composing. Getting even better and better. So back to the hard work, and do what
 I should do. Otherwise I recommened you to be a follower on my Facebook account. www.facebook.com/elrox (Photo: Helene Fjell)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Elrox: Hooked (Elrox show-background projection)

Video used as background projection. This was used at my release on the album "Colour of the past" on Sound of MU in Oslo february 2014. During the show I was (kind of) dancing and "playing" the same stuff, as I do on the video. Nice effect.

Film tapes are from Berlin in 2005. Nice to know that I actually could use this at last. If I had know back in time, that music should be my thing...
Anyway, today I am proud that I have changed direction. Photo is still with me though. But I think video also must follow from here.
Photo is my life. Music is my heart.

Nikki Sudden - In memory

Nikki Sudden - In memory - The ballad of Johnny & Marianne
Back in 2005 I was in Berlin. I lived in the studio where Phil Freeborn was the Chief.
During this time I get to know Nikki Sudden, thanks to Einar Stenseng and Marie Sjøvold.
Well, the last two I know, Nikki was there. I did some videos of him while he was recording music to what was going to be his last album. Finally I did a mix out of these tapes now. This is NOT a music video. This is for Nikki Sudden. In memory.

Monday, February 17, 2014

OUT NOW: Elrox:Colour of the past

You can listen to it on iTunes, Spotify and 80 digital platforms. Or just click the link here:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Elrox: Release party today!

Sound Of MU
Torsdag 13. kl 20.00
Releasefest for Elrox: Colour of the past 

Elrox inviterer til releasefest på sitt elektronika album: Colour of the past. Musikken kan beskrives som en blanding av Berlin school og house. Episk og melodiøst med utfordringer for dansefoten.

Det blir en presentasjon av hele platen i form av en multimedia visning og DJ konsept.Litt dans må påregnes til opptak for musikkvideo. - For de som vil være med på en totalopplevelse. Alt i regi av Elrox fra Nesodden. Det legges opp til en hyggelig, uformell og annerledes sammenkomst på denne releasen. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

E-Fanzine Tekst og bilder

Litt bilder og tekst i vår moderne verden på nett. Skrevet, fotografert, designet av yours truly.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Helene Fjell - From Nordic Light, Kristiansund

Finally I made this short documentary about Helene`s exhibition in Kristiansund in 2011. No excuse, but moneywork is taking too much of my time. Always. Even though I do have some time now in january to fix all the things that is hold on wait. More post to come.
Anyway: This film I am quite satisfied with. Doing everything and I also think I got the right music on it. There was a great and cosy mood all these days and the music in the film are like that. There´s even a preview of my upcoming album at the end of this film. Never released before! Take a look at the film.

Band picture of "Kaspars mage"

Did a band photo some days ago. I would really like to do this more often. "Kaspars mage" is the new name of The Bad Band. (Without me of course.) They are a cover band playing rock music. Now they looking for a vocalist, so if anybody know somebody in the Oslo/Nesodden area....  I probably will follow this band as a photographer.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


From the forthcoming album "Colour of the past"
This is a little taste.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some updates

Hi folks.
My blog is sleepy these days. Doing a lot of moneywork until november. But then: creative tempo again. The summer that is behind us, I was doing a lot of writing. Even some cool photographs. This will be a fanzine in november. The working title is "Blå" (Blue) A mix of short text and new picture`s. I haven´t done a real poems book since -94 so it´s about time again.

But most important is my music!  I have enough material for 2 albums. Yes. Since nothing of what I have done is proper released, I will do exactly that. That means also that everything you can listen to so far, will be deleted. Yes. Last chance this autumn to listen to ALL my music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and so on. Anton Jawdokimov will help me in november to put the first thing´s right. This is about the album that I (so far) have called "Tales without words" I maybe change the title, but all that in november. This will be my first official release, anyhow. Before christmas.

The next album project, is bigger. (As I get better) I got really good help from Tore Stabell Kulø to play piano on my songs, and a lot moore goodies... Time in november, to finish up this album. Thinking of release in february 2014. Some video´s to my music is also planned. Helene Fjell, did some awesome shoot´s with me this summer...

So I have been working, but not been visible. I think the best time is to come. This winter will be awesome! Keep following.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

All you need to know....

All you need to know about peace Drawing by i3alda, via pond5.com Design and Art by Tom Ståle Engebretsen

Friday, June 28, 2013

Skogen/The forest Official music video

My first official music video. From my forthcoming album "Tales without words." Helene Fjell made this in an arty way that I like. Filmed on location on Nesodden and Maridalen.You will see more of me at 3:12 min.... It is a while since we made this. I thought we should wait until the album was ready. (It still isn´t.) But OK. Here it is anyway. Must do the album now. Almost there, but there is a few things to be done. I have 2 album ready more or less. But first one´s first. "Skogen" is a kind of trip hop thing. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"The Bad Band"

First time we met. This sounds promising....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Music report - New song: Miss U

Had a really nice time in Flatdal. Almost one week doing music. Did 2 new songs. And 2 remixes of old ones. Even did a lot of singing. One of the remixes is of the song "Fume X" that we gonna make as a music video. But it needed to be shortened, and other delicious stuff. It sounds quite good now!

Some beautiful moments from Italy

All pictures from a small trip to Italy in june 2013. We went to a city called Tarquinia and had a beautiful time...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My own fanpage on Facebook

I now got my own Fanpage on Facebook. Updates, info, videos and more. Be a follower! By blog here, will still be the heart of my universe though. Photo: Helene Fjell

Monday, May 6, 2013

Et døgn med Leica M Monochrom

Som gammel fagmann og kreativ hurragutt har jeg ikke helt taklet den digitale overgangen. Viljen er der. Men når bildene du ser i søkeren ikke er ferdig før det har vært igjennomen en tidkrevende runde i Photoshop… Så... Distansen fra gleden med fotografering til ferdig resultat ble for lang. Derfor forsvant også mye av det jeg liker med fotografering; Kunnskap om hva foto egentlig er, for å eksponere et riktig bilde. I situasjonen, i øyeblikket, det du vil ha. Så fikk jeg prøve noe nytt. Med den største klisjeen i verden; Før Leica M Monochrom. Jada, jeg vet. Uhemmet reklame, men hvorfor ikke. Tro meg når jeg sier dette; Etter 3 år med heller laber interessse for fotografering, ble det gøy igjen. På et døgn skjedde det noe. Jeg fikk låne en Leica M Monochrom av Bresson på årets Nordic Light i Kristiansund. Et døgn som skulle forandre noe viktig. Gleden med foto var tilbake. Meningen med livet du vet. Foto er livet. Den ellers nøkterne og svært kritiske undertegnede ropte i sitt stille sinn: Halleluja! Og det må sterkt påpekes at jeg er langt unna religiøs. I Kristiansund så jeg et skilt hvor det stod: Suppe, såpe, frelse. Forøvrig var dette frelsesarmeen sitt skilt. Er det tilfeldig? Neppe. Med andre ord handler dette om livsnødvendigheter. Selveste basalbehovene. Og det må en Leica M Monochrom til for å dyrke den interessen jeg nesten hadde gitt opp. Luksusvaren. Men slik er livet. En glede å være med på. Noe vi skal behandle med omsorg og respekt. Som fattig kunstner, med manglende evne til å tjene penger, fikk jeg innpass i selveste himmelriket. En Leica M Monochrom mellom hendene. Det var som H.C. Andersen´s eventyr: Piken med fyrstikkene. Jeg fikk tenne en fyrstikk og kjenne varmen glede en forfrossen kropp. En underlig følelse av nærhet inn til hjerteroten. Håpet ble født. Så var det over. Et døgn med usannsynlig glede. Kameraet måtte leveres tilbake, og sorgen tok igjen sin plass. Jeg klarer meg en stund på minnene. De alltid tilstedeværende øyeblikk. Hver eneste eksponering skal feste seg til hukommelsen. De fryste øyeblikkene jeg vil beholde. De er mange. Med 8000 iso i dagslys. For korte lukkertider til bevaring av hendelsene som oppstår. Raskt og levende hele tiden. På den gammeldagse måten. Ikke for å knipse hundrevis av bilder og tro at ett blir bra. Men det å jobbe med hvert bilde. Se i søkeren, tenke, føle, kjenne når det skal sitte. Akkurat som i gamle dager med film. Nå blir resultatet det du ser. Det du vil ha. De manuelle innstilllingene og fokusen gjør fotografering til noe hjernen må jobbe med. Da blir det tilstedeværelse. Til motivene. Til gleden. Til kommunikasjon. Som gjør hvert eneste bilde bedre. Portrett av Dan Young

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Palace of Pleasure

Musikk til hodet, hjertet og sjelen. Palace of Pleasure sin konsert på Cafè Månefisken var en sterk opplevelse. Allerede første låt setter takt og tone for det som skal komme. Nytt materiell fra en plate som er undervegs. Det er umulig å stå stille. Sjelden jeg i det hele tatt beveger meg på en konsert, men dette var så fengende, så rytmisk, så drivende godt at dansekroppen måtte henge med. Imponerende hvor samspilte bandet er. Til tross for lite turne -og konsertvirksomhet. Lydbildet og fremførelsen sitter tett og rått. Terningkast 7! Bandet består (nå) av Sigmund Floyd, Justin Newall, Stian Torstenson og comeback for Jørund Høie Skaug. Mot slutten av konserten dukker trompetisten Peder opp. Konsertversjonen av hiten "Ville hester" tok helt av! Det må være det råeste og beste jeg noen gang har hørt. Før denne tid er det også blitt servert utdrag fra siste platen "Lifelong fury" sammen med mye nytt. Soundet til POP er egenartet, rytmisk og suggererende. Akustisk gitar elektronika med til tider sterke funky innslag. Dette var en konsert med mye musikalsk frelse.