Thursday, March 26, 2015

Germany - Nordstrand


Ever since I started with music (4-5 years ago) I´ve been fascinated by the story of Rungholt in north-west Germany. This story has to be a music project! But, there was a few "but`s " here: I must be a better musician. Through the years I am on my way. I´m sure not ready yet, but it was time to visit the place where everything happened long time ago.

So, this february, me and my travel companion Helene Fjell set of to Nordstrand outside Husum. We lived at Nordsee Domizil Schobüll for 8 days.. A base to do research and also some photos. Helene got me started with pinhole photos. Each evening we developed film paper (used as negatives) from our "pinhole-boxes". I got some really nice shots from this. I keep them secret a while….. Future album covers!

Anyway: This tour was meant to be a research tour about "Grote Manddränke". Rungholt´s existence is beyond no doubt. Proved by scientists. (A. Busch)  The only remaing land is the Island Südfall. Rungholt was taken by  "Blanker Hans", the storm weathers name, in 1362. Somewhere between 1000 and 1500 hundred people drowned. That was a huge amount of people at that time. Hamburg had about 8000 citizens at the same time. 

But that is not all: In 1624 "Blanke Hans" appeared once again. It swallowed Alt-Nordstrand in the same area. This time 5000-7000 people drowned. 19 out of 22 churches disappeared in the ocean. We visit 2 of the remaining churches. On at the island Pellworm - Die alte kirche. And the second one at Nordstrand, located at Odebüll.

This is true facts and I am not sure how much I gonna tell this time…
All because this is my future music album. The biggest project I ever done. Planning a release in 2017. I actually need all that time…

During our stay, we met author and guide Robert Brauer. He lived on Südfall for 21 years. He could tell us a lot about the history of Rungholt…

(Robert Brauer and me looking at pictures from his science of Rungholt. Photo Helene Fjell)

So this mission to this area was a complete success. To understand and to get the facts about the history. (There is even a "Blanker Hans" museum in Busum. Of course we went there to. 

The music process will continue the next years. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 2015

For the second time I participated at this year. (also did it in 2013) The issue is very simple: 14 songs during february month. A complete album.
It is a hard goal to reach. None of the songs are full finished. This is a kind of songwriter-self-discipline. After this month it is time to see what actually came out of this. 

First of all: I didn´t reach the goal this year. Due to moneywork and research tour to Germany. (see another post) 

What I do like about fawm is that you push yourself to make new music material. This is not a competition, but very hard self discipline. - And there´s big posibilities to get in contact with other musicians to collaborate. I didn´t even think or actually care about this, until it actually happened this year! Casee Wilson from York U.K. actually wrote lyrics and sing  "In the rain." I was so amazed! Definitely this is gonna be a song on my next Elrox album. Have to fix some practical things…

What I do like for myself is that I don´t have to think conceptual. Each song is made there and then. No matter which genre it is. Just what I feel to do, right now. Not everything is good, I have to admit. But the same as last time: Some songs are album material. Even if I made only 11 songs I think at least 4 or 5 songs are future album material. Fixed, mixed and mastered later this year. 

I also enjoyed writing lyrics in norwegian on my last song. This became a duet with Helene Fjell we did the last days. 

Next year I will do this again. But I will be certain that february schedule is empty. Only concentrated focus. 

All my songs here: (will be deleted after a while.)

Comments on this years song:

1. Intro: 
@timfatchen  4 weeks

Liked the major/minor duality through this, and the solo themes coming in at around 1:00 were magic. And an effective ending, no wimpy fades. Hooray!

Really enjoyed this one! so much electropop/rock ends up uninventive, tedious, harmonically boring. Not this one!

@orbh 4 weeks
Sweet pads and nice bass lines. A good start for the FAWM for sure. It's always nice to hear guitar and guitaresque sounds in a mostly electronic songs. Cheers!
@shortdan  3 weeks
This is very cool! That guitar sounds amazing. Some very cool synth work in action here. Excellent 
@the3queens  1 week
Am I hearing a tongue click? Some very interesting sounds interspersed in here.

2. Calling:
@meadows  4 weeks

Really cool song, with a good vibe. Well crafted as well. I like it very much!

@kristian  4 weeks

cool! Love the vibe in this... especially the bass and the lovely arp! If you need vocals, post in the collab section in the forums 
@owl  3 weeks

Lovely song, I'd be willing to give lyrics/vox a shot if you're still interested!
3. A hero:

@tiller2  4 weeks

Great piece. In listening to that stately melody, I wanted to suggest it be brought to a pinnacle by having big bells, of some sort, carry the melody line. Then I did hear bells, I think, near the very end. Try it even earlier.
@headfirstonly  2 weeks

A really interesting combination of electro beats and prog-style guitar. Reminds me of 90s Jean-Michel Jarre, it's got that anthemic feel to it. I might put a bit more compression on the guitar to even out the levels (it sounds like it's a bit up and down at times), but I like the use of reverb to fade it off into the background at the end. Very cool!
4. 109

@gman 4 weeks

Good beat, full sound, nice chord progression, I like how you added to it as the song went along. Nice job!
@rj1 3 days

I'm with @gman the chord progression really caught my attention, and then the builds, nice job on the drums and percussion.
5. Still walking: 
@imustbenuts 4 weeks

Nice laid back track; thanks for sharing!

@frankfriend  4 weeks

i dig it. Has a Pink Floyd feel. Division Bell-ish.

@philipstorry 6 days

Really nice layering - it builds very well, but is never too busy. I like the little changes in the middle, but they don't feel jarring because you've kept some continuity with the guitar. Nicely done.

An excellent piece. Thanks for this! 
6. In the rain feat Casee Wilson:
@rosieposy8  4 weeks

This was lovely and atmospheric. Really enjoyed. Felt like a faithless track.
@jibbidy34  4 weeks

Yeah... chilled out relaxing slick professional ambient well produced good length soundtrack...the list could go on. Nice one 

@arthurrossi 4 weeks

I second the previous two comments... A very relaxing and well-produced track, very enjoyable!
@the3queens  1 week

Nice collaboration. Good to hear lyrics set to this music.
@philipstorry 6 days

Nice chillout music - a superb collaboration. I can really see this being used in a film or TV show. Excellent work!
7. And then I hear:

@zebraphone 2 weeks

mmmmmmmm, verrrry nice sounds you have chosen...... would work so good for a soundtrack, i was imagining a video game exploring a sort of easy-going space themed level. your use of different synths and sounds in this is quite subtle and they blend together really well. i can't imagine any lyrics to this, but maybe someone else can. enjoyed it!

@kahlo2013  2 weeks

Really fantastic! It creates a wonderful ambiance with the different layers and threads you weave together. Really well done!
@arthurrossi 2 weeks

This is beautiful... It has really an awesome "atmospheric feel" to it... One could imagine vast landscapes with some green hills and a blue sky when listening to it...

@j3jeffmason5 3 days

What a cool souding piece of music
8. Developed:

@corvisier 2 weeks

Cool, back with Edgar Froese 

@erikcameron 2 weeks

Awesome. Conjuring fond memories of The Orb.
9. Art of noise:
@leighbeater 2 weeks

great energy
@timfatchen  2 weeks

OK! What I said before! Inventive, interesting, no boredom, melody, harmony, enthusiastic beats, what's not to like? There sounds to be a folk influence in the background, was that intentional? or inevitably Norwegian? Or just me. And I;ve done something rare, for me, downloaded this electronica!
@headfirstonly  2 weeks

"Big"? You aren't kidding! *Huge* sound, absolutely huge.

Production-wise it's like the eighties have come back to show us how we should be doing things. There's everything including the kitchen sink in this, but it all fits together beautifully. Mightily impressed. Downloaded.

@marvsmooth  2 weeks

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! That's amazing!!!! *insert open mouthed smiley*
10. Make me feel:
@caseewilson  2 weeks

I wish my electronica came out sounding like this… one of the reasons I hardly write any for FAWM is that I just haven't got the time for the production that's needed… this is superb. So full and textured… I watchlisted you after "In the Rain" so I plan to get through your whole list.
11. En hilsen over havet feat: Helene Fjell
@tageule 1 week

Wow, this is so beautiful! Your soft voices go so well together. I don't understand but a few words, but together with the short description what the lyrics are about, it's enough to get the gist... Now I'm going to listen once again...
@corvisier 1 week

good song and nice voices 
@the3queens  1 week

Really love this! The duet and whispering very interesting. Soundtrack superb.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

DJ set: Circle Circle (Chill, downtempo, ambient)

Time for ambient with influences of Berlin school and even some jazz! Enjoy this chill dj set by yours truly.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Tom Space" plays Spacerock

Now and then I make some compilations on music I listen to. Actually this one is pretty hard stuff, and shure not ambient. Be warned!!! It´s only 4 tracks, but last in about 1h22m. Really good spacerock from 2014 feat. Matmosphere, Electric Orange, Øresund space collective and Lumen Drones. (Update report: Reach No 6 on NOISE chart and No 75 on Rock chart!!)

EAS: Iceberg EP Story

Autumn 2014 in Flatdal (Telemark, Norway) I really discover how to make ambient music. For the first time in life I was enjoying to wake up early in the morning! True. Started up doing ambient stuff. The quiet morning, and the nature as inspiration. When I got home I kept on doing ambient stuff. Then I came up with the idea to make a dekalogi. That means 10 EP´s with ambient stuff. Thatwill take some time I think. I have no idea what this is gonna be like. And how long it will take. The only thing I decided was theme within nature and science. The first one is "Iceberg". You will find finished EP in the post below this and here. I can also use my photo skills into cover design. That´s the idea then. I also want to make a limited editions on CD´s. When I got 10 out of this, I will probably make an exclusive box set. Meanwhile I will search for theme´s and make the avant-garde ambient art music, when the mood is right. Since this is named under Elrox ambient session, (EAS) there also maybe gonna be some albums beside of this. I allready got a masterpiece finished named "Tralfamadore". During the next months I will try to get a record company deal on this one in particular. And then we see what´s happen.. Elrox is still my artist name though. New album planned to be released this year. Enjoy the music.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Elrox Ambient Session : Iceberg (EP)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Looking forward on 2015

More Music!

Is there at all any doubt? I have find my issue in life. I think there must be a meaning in this. Even if the record industry is totally change, I will keep on with this. Don´t know how, but my believe is strong.

So here are working releases for 2015:

1 new Elrox album.

I will keep on with this cosmic prog-ambient stuff. Allready got about 30 minutes of breathtaking cinematic, darker tracks.
But I will not rush this release. I think a video should follow it. So summer/autumn 2015 seems good.

Introducing Elrox Ambient Session.

In november 2014 I went to one of my several trip to Flatdal, Telemark, Norway. Putting up my studio at "Minnesjordet."
This time something happened... I was enjoying the real avant-garde dark ambient and started up an complete album. It is finished!!! 
But it is something very different from Elrox, so I had to made up a new name: Elrox Ambient Session!

The album was made out of a painting by good friend Freddy Holm. And his idea of the painting was based on the story of Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse 5. After reading the book I was so into of making a complete concept album out of this. The book is a about the second world war, and the bombing of Dresden. The main character in the book, Billy Pilgrim went to an outer space planet called "Tralfamadore" (that is why this is a cult book...) This is the part I made music about. 
I am so proud of this material, so I will send it to different record company`s in Europe and USA. It has to be a dark ambient/avantgarde company. So if you have some tips, I would be honored to here from you! I can send you files if you want to help me. 

(Covers are in working process. Painting to right is by Freddy Holm.)

Elrox Ambient Session.

After this, I decided to do a lot more conceptual ambient. The new idea is to make a dekalogi -10 EP´s-.
There is no time limit on this, and I will work with themes from science and nature. And the good 
EP #01 is ready!
6 track avantgarde/dark ambient named: "ICEBERG"
I will open a new account on where I release this. Just in a few days..

So to everyone: Have a great year!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Looking back on 2014

This has been an amazing year! So many things that was finished up, and a very creative year.

Let´s start with the music: 2 albums released!  "Colour of the past" and "Lucent Echoes"

"Colour of the past" was mostly finished up in 2013 though... But I released in february at the cool place in Oslo called "Sound of Mu". Sorry to say that the place does not longer excist. But I was there amongst with prxm 30 good friends. I had used january to make some background projection to the show. That worked as version 1-0.

During last winter I was really in the mood of making more music. That was to become "Lucent echoes" Released in the summer. We also did an amazing video on one songs. You find it here . Frode Holstad was helping out with guitar on one track: Espresso. Great thanks to my producer on both album´s: Tore Stabell Kulø. He is the best!

Flatdal in Telemark is the place to be. I think I was there 3 times this year, only with music making. The last tour now in november is still not released.... So you know... I will soon tell what ´s going on. There is a kind of awareness in my music coming up...
The place I am living in Flatdal is "Minnesjordet."  Kai Fjell, a famous norwegian painter, created this place in his time, with old norwegian houses. So lucky me, to know the family well....

One of the family member in Fjell family is art photographer Helene Fjell. I finally finished up the video from the succesful exhibition at Nordic Light in Kristiansund. And she did my first official music-video with the song "Memories" from "Colour of the past".
I  also finished up a video of Nikki Sudden (1956-2006) I did shoot way back in 2005.

My music is not known in many places yet. (!) But I believe that take time. Anyway I was picked up by  a radiopodcast in Germany:  (Thx Stefan.) There is also something happening on There occurred to be some interests here, but I really don`t know what this is.... But I got listed with several songs that I put here on ambient chart. All the way up to No 6 in chart with "Espresso"!!!

I also like doing DJ jobs, and for the first time I got listed with a cool, crazy funk set on Mixcloud.
Tom´s ton fonk. I did it purely for fun and it was listed as No 12 on Funky chart!!!!

So, 2014 was really a music year. Mostly I focused on my own music, but I also listen to a lot.
So here is the best albums of 2014:
Pink Floyd: The Endless River
Andrew Heath: The Silent Cartographer
Lumen Drones: Lumen Drones
Billy Idol: Kings & Queens of the underground

Honorable mentions;
Pjusk: Solstøv  and Tord Gustavsen Quartet: Extended Circle

I also have to mention artist/bands that I listen a lot to, in 2014:
Sphongle, Jerome Froese, Loom, The Peaking Goddess collective, Younger Brother, Banco De Gaia, William Orbit/Strange cargo, Solar Fields, Future Sound of London and Øresund Space Collective.

There was to little time in 2014 to cultivate in art. But I find time to get in love with the books of Jesper Waldersten an also inspiration by photographer Kim Keever. And of course the books of Storm Thorgerson and also his late Hipgnosis cover art books.

Well, that was a short summary of the great year 2014. And I do know that 2015 will be even better! So to all of you: Happy new year!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dan Young (1938-2014)

Noen mennesker blir man kjent med i en inderlighet som stikker dypt. Dan Young var et slikt menneske.

Vi møttes første gang i forbindelse med en utstilling for litt over 15 år siden, på Vøienvolden gård. Da hadde han allerede et langt og aktivt kunst –og yrkesliv i Norge som fotograf – og filmskaper; Grunnlegger av fotokunstgruppen Manité da han kom til Norge (1962) sammen med Arild Kristoffersen (Kristo) og Robert A. Robinson. Som yrkesfotograf sammen med Stein Thue. Samt en rekke dokumentarfilmer både som regissør og stillsfotograf. 

Han hadde nylig hatt en utstilling på Henie-Onstad og disse bildene skulle nå vises i et betydelig mindre arrangement. Men du stilte opp. Med store sort-hvitt fotografier i et trangt og lite lokale. Det var her det skjedde noe. Noe som skulle få konsekvenser for et varmt og dypt vennskap. 

Mens vi satt i lokalene var det om å gjøre å finne best mulig plassering for utstillingen, med den roen og stillheten bildene fortalte. Det var her vi fant tonen. En vandring inn i en liten og kompleks verden med en utfordring som var vanskelig, men ikke umulig. Vi ble kjent der. Du med din varme, ubegrensede tid, humor og ærlighet. Noe jeg vet at mange fikk oppleve med deg. 

Ettersom årene gikk holdt vi kontakt. Du så alltid fremover og jeg ble også tatt med i din historievandring. Om livet i Arizona hvor du kom fra. Om reisene du tok til hjemlandet. Hvordan du jobbet med bilder i ørkenen. Du var en indianer i naturen. Du lyttet. Du observerte. Du tok deg tid. Tid til å se. Se små absurditeter og detaljer. Med åpent sinn og stor sinnsro fant du dine motiver. Du var en god forteller. I bilder og ord. 

Du hentet frem egenskaper hos andre og verdsatte de. Du hentet frem magiske øyeblikk i en ellers liten by som Oslo. (Vist bl.a. i boken: En amerikaner i Oslo). Det var filmene dine med realisme og sterke skildringer. Du var historieinteressert. Du var engasjert. Noe du også kunne formidle. 

Og du var nysgjerrig. Du ble digital med fargebilder. Paletten blomstret som du selv gjorde. Du viste meg en foto-serie med varianter av et tre på hytta. Du fortalte hvordan dette ensomme treet stod ved vannkanten. Du jobbet med det. Du tok bilder av det. Det ensomme treet. Når du virkelig var godt inne i det, så var treet plutselig borte. Bonden hadde tatt det. Treets historie sluttet der. Du rakk det du skulle. Tilbake sitter melankolien og sentimentaliteten. Du likte begge deler, men var verken melankolsk eller sentimental. Du så humoren. Du fant liv i det som stod stille. Det som beveget seg fort, frøs du fast til stillhet. 

Nå er det din stillhet som gir oss ettertanker. 
Tankene går til din familie og venner. En ekstra klem til Gry. 

Tom Ståle Engebretsen

Sunday, November 30, 2014


From my favorite creative spot located at Flatdal in Telemark, Norway. 10 days in november to create music and this timelapse-video. Get the mood here yeah!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Andreas Haddeland Trio

Some press-photos I took for Andreas Haddeland trio. Out now with album "Tilhørighet". It´s a jazz record featuring Andreas Haddeland on guitar, Lars Tormod Jenset, bass and Ulrik Ibsen, percussion.

Update music report nov. 2014

Some update report: After 3 months of moneywork I could finally do what I like best: Making music. I have been on my favourite spot located in Flatdal, Telemark, Norway. For one week, I've done my best things ever! No kiddin'. I am also into some real ambient stuff. That's a bonus. So I needed to sort things out. I did work on new Elrox material. Think I know how thats gonna sounds like... Probably simpler and darker. Teckno stuff still way ahead, but sounds better now. But I think I have way to go yet on this. But it is going somewhere now. But what I really am proud of, is my ambient/art music from this tour. I got an full album ready with this, and it is quiet, deep, space, art and ambient. So somewhere early next year I am gonna release this. But I would probably use another name than Elrox for this project. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

#synthtreff 2014

A short film, made by me, about a gathering where we look at old synths. (And some new) This arrangement is a yearly tradition, arranged by Terje Winther. This was my first time here. And it was cool, if you like gears and vintage synths. "Det norske analoge synthtreffet" is it´s name. I also put some music into the film, that is not released yet...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Elrox:Espresso official music video

And here it is!

"Lucent Echoes"

Audio. You can download Big size files from here.

From the making of "Espresso" music video

Some fantastic pictures taken by Helene Fjell when we do a zero budget music video to my song "Espresso" on "Lucent Echoes".  Here are 10 fun fact about the video:

1) I am afraid of swimming in the water. 2) It took about 12 minutes to bike down to Aker Brygge 3) The budget was zero 4) Producer Tore SK appears on one shoot. 5) Frode H. is the only one who playes guitar on Espresso 6) We used Canon Mark 5D and Gopro for the video. 7) Mom and dad was at the beach with food and coffee. 8) Location was Lagunen at Nesodden 9) In the beginning of the video I am waving goodbye to my girlfriend 10) Forward and selfie-backward on bike is shoot on 2 different days, going to work.

Tom`s Ton Fonk

Welcome to a compilation of pure and cool Funk music. I made this DJ set in pleasure to play funk. (It´s not just electronica I listen too..)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


YES! Official release of my new album: Lucent Echoes. You can get it where you buy and listen to music. iTunes, Spotify etc. Some notes from the album: The 3 first songs on this album I think is the most hit alert friendly: 37 Chill, Espresso (Reach no 6 at ambient chart on Oslo (a noisy tune, but cool) The more artistic stuff in chill/ambient coming up: Leisure, Night wish, Rem, Hypnotized, Skorvefjellet (Inspired by the mountains I can see from Flatdal) and the title track: Lucent echoes. The 2 last songs are teckno influenced: Burning planet and After midnight. Turn up loud!!! They are awesome! Been working on this album day and night since february. Most of the material is composed in Flatdal, Telemark, Norway. And as always my producer Tore Stabell Kulø make it sounds great in the mix. I was really trying to do this as an ambient/chill album. It´s there, with some hard stuff too. I couldn`t do this album without. I think I got my own sound on it, and I am inspired by Vangelis and Berlin school style. Other artists that I find inspiration with: William Orbit, Schiller, Michael Cretu and especially Jerome Froese. (Ex TD artist)His soloalbums I think is the most amazing albums ever! As always I am an arrangement nihilist, and Tore SK know where I want to go with that. I couldn´t have done this album without his help. Thx. I am proud to have reach this point after only 4 years in making music. I also know it would take time to reach my audience for my music. The music world is so big and fantastic, so I am patient. But I do hope within 3 to 5 years from now, something good will happen. (Earn some money on my music ??? perhaps...) I also know that my future records will be better and better. Because I learn. Because I will be a better musician. And because I finally find my meaning in life: Making music! About time. So join the journey and follow me for example at my facebook account. Hope you will enjoy "Lucent echoes". And please share!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hit alert: "Espresso" at no 11 on ambient chart!

Wow! This is cool. Today my song "Espresso" reached at No 11 on soundclick ambient chart! It reach No 38 in "all electronics". This song is made for my new album "Lucent Echoes" Working hard these days to do mix and mastering with producer Tore Stabell Kulø.

About "Espresso": A very chill uptempo tune with Frode Holstad on guitar. I think were gonna collaborate more in the future. He put some great guitars on "Espresso" last week. And now it is on the charts!  I have to finish up the album now, even if it is quite good weather outside. This album will be a summer album!  

Pictures of Frode takin at T-swing studio while recording.

Link to Soundclick also here.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some days at Flatdal again. Making music.

Report from Flatdal. (In Norwegian) Mens alle mine fotovenner var i Kristiansund på fotofestival, tok jeg turen til Flatdal med medbrakt musikkstudio. Et valg jeg ikke angrer på. Jobber med å få ferdig en plate før sommeren. Denne gangen et rolig chill album. Musikken skiller seg ut fra Elrox arbeidet, så det er et prosjekt som blir hetendes "Lucent Echoes". Takket være disse dagene i Flatdal er jeg straks i mål. Mye fin episk elektronika. Kan også skryte av at en av låtene til dette prosjektet gikk inn på ambient-hitlisten hos Soundclick som nr. 17. (Nr 86 på "all electronics") Dette er mye av grunnen til at jeg også vil ha ferdig dette albumet. Vedlegger noen bilder fra Flatdal. Kommer også til å legge ut en gratis download fra turen, så fort den er mixet og mastret. 

Been almost one week at my favourit spot in Flatdal. Making music for my new album. Turned out to be some good stuff. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No 17 at ambient chart!

Yes it´s true. And even more: No 86 at electronica chart! (All electronic genres)
This was I milestone for me. All this happens on

It is my not released yet, ambient project: Lucent Echoes.

I should have told about this earlier, but some secrets I like to keep before they are realized. Lucent Echoes is a such one. I been working on material for this project since new year. All besides new stuff to Elrox. I was trying out some stuff on soundclick and: KABOOOM! At charge!!! How cool is that?

So I will try to finish up Lucent Echoes album before summer. Going to my favorite spot in Flatdal next week. Bring my music studio with me.

Follow me on twitter, and I let you know what´s up then.

Meanwhile I think you should listen to my ambient hit here:

The song track is named: "37 chill"

Here the interview from the site:

Working on my first ambient/chill album. To be released this summer I hope. (2014)
Why this name?
It was the words. I like Lucent and its meaning. We dont have an explanation for it in Norway, where i come from. Echoes is mostly because of the sound i am doing sort of... And of course Pink Floyd album title. Together the words are perfect.
Do you play live?
Don´t played live yet. But working on it. I really like to transform my music to stage.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It does. Nothing is the same as I was used too. (Remember I have lived and experienced the 80`s)
Record companys, stores everything. I do not like it, but it is the future. And I am on it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes of course. There are something about knowledge and contacts that still is important.
Band History:
Lucent Echoes is actually a project beside my artist name Elrox. I didn´t make music before 2010 at all. I was a listener. And buyer. Still am. Lucent Echoes was the way I wanted it to be from the beginning back then. But so much to learn. So much to understand. Getting there now.
Your influences?
what a question. With my background it is everything from Yes, Alan Parsons (project) to Berlin school/chill/ambient. But also House, Trip Hop etc.
Favorite spot?
Still don`t been to USA, so I think it must be there somewhere....
Equipment used:
Using Mac with software as Omnisphere etc. Also like to play on my Epiphone guitar.
Anything else...?
Follow my story from now. This is just the beginning.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Music, music, music

It´s all about music. The last 6 months I´ve been working on new material. Problem is to be true to a specific genre. But Elrox locomotive is going on. Here is some pictures from a session we did last week. Jonas Lange from the band "Skoklefall Kartell" playing awesome guitar on a new track. Track name is "Bad Loser". The other picture is from my producer Tore Stabell Kulø. Always there when it happens. We where at my home-studio to do this.

In a few weeks I probably go to my favorite composer place in Flatdal, Telemark. Looking forward to this. I also can now announce that the first album to be finished is more of an ambient, chill type. Since it sounds different from other stuff I made, I have found a new name from this project: "Lucent Echoes".
You can actually find some of the songs, unmixed, umastered here at this link. I will do my best to finish this up before july.

Even thinking about lot more music videos. The spring is so fantastic outside.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Elrox: Memories (Official music video)

Memories from my album "Colour of the past. Music video made by Helene Fjell.

Music report

Hello. Should have been more active on my blog, but you know...  I am doing music, and that is a kind of lonely process. No moneywork for a long time. I should be nervous about that, but it give me time to do music. I been working on new material the last month. Some teckno, some pop music, and some "don`t know what." Especially the teckno stuff sounds really good. Maybe an EP before the summer. Otherwise I keep focus on composing. Getting even better and better. So back to the hard work, and do what
 I should do. Otherwise I recommened you to be a follower on my Facebook account. (Photo: Helene Fjell)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Elrox: Hooked (Elrox show-background projection)

Video used as background projection. This was used at my release on the album "Colour of the past" on Sound of MU in Oslo february 2014. During the show I was (kind of) dancing and "playing" the same stuff, as I do on the video. Nice effect.

Film tapes are from Berlin in 2005. Nice to know that I actually could use this at last. If I had know back in time, that music should be my thing...
Anyway, today I am proud that I have changed direction. Photo is still with me though. But I think video also must follow from here.
Photo is my life. Music is my heart.